Crush ‘Em Like Godzilla Single Released

I got some aggression out with this new song. I got to rock it out for a change. This is for all the athletes out there.


“Lyrical Engineer” Music Video is here!

Here’s the final music video for “Lyrical Engineer”. Share it with your friends and don’t be afraid to geek out. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this!

Director & Editor: Marlon Jones
Director of Photography: Clifford Jones
Script: Jahmal Holland and Marlon Jones
Producers: Laci Sosa and Larissa Chiu
Graphics: Jared Isham
Music: Maximillian Reynolds
First Assistant Director: Heather Chalecki
Grip & Electric: Chuck Hayes
D.I.T. & 2nd Assistant Director – Lizette Anaya
Assistant Camera: Ryan Jaeger
Assistant Camera: Jason Poon
Concert Audio Engineer: John Cho
Make-up/Hair: Lean Gillen
Stunt Coordinator: Baldwin Chiu
Key Production Assistant: Bryan Shigekawa
Production Assistants: Desmond Au, Andy Giner, Ryan Jaeger, Yonghwan Kang, Tiana SooHoo, Brandon Toy, Kevin Woo
Set Decorator: Matt Lonn
Assistant Set Decorators: John Wells, Yelena Wells
Wardrobe: Larissa Chiu
Wardrobe Assistant: Eileen Huah
Craft Services assistant: Michelle Woo
Photographer: Desmond Au

Blingy: Noel Arthurton
Boss: Don DuBose
DJ Orbit: Darren Gin
Engineers: JD Davis, Jason Kaine, Melinda Mages, John Schmiederer, Robert Wells
Computer Girls: GB Balint, Heather Chalecki, Laci Sosa
Concertgoers: Chester Gee, Corey Lipscomb, D.E. Latham, Deanna Dickson, Denise Martin Del Campo, Duane Smith, Elizabeth Reese, Gwenne Van Gelder, Irene Gee, Jamie Lee-Ramirez, Jared SooHoo, Jason Talmadge, Josh Cotter, Julie Lombard, Kevin Sosa, Marjan Salehpour, Michael Miletti, Reyna Wells, Richard Lai, Ronald Williams Jr., Sara La Forte, Scott Liang, Susan S. Yamaki, Sylvia Bosco, Taylor Fance, Tina S. Lee, Yelena Wells, Yuka King



The new CD, The Lyrical Engineer, is now available at CDBaby.


Check out the T-Shirt preview

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I’m the Lyrical Engineer

My brand new album is done and you can download the songs now!